The Safariseat, a low cost offroad wheelchair

The Safariseat is a low-cost, all terrain wheelchair. We believe that mobility is not just about movement, it is about independency and  living life fully and inclusive, whilst being active socially, economically and politically in all areas of society. The Safariseat is designed for all the physically disabled people around the globe and especially for those living in rural sides. The workshop is located in Kilifi, Kenya

How you can help

After 3 years of research, development, prototyping, testing, certification, building the factory and manufacture, we are ready for more exposure. Are you the one who can help us with:

1. Web Development: for an attractive and easy reachable website.

2. Social media expertise: How to communicate and plan on the different channels. 


I watched how she struggled to complete everyday tasks

My name is Kenneth Kahindi Mwarandu and I am co-founder of the Safariseat, Kenya. The inspiration for making safariseats came from the experience of having a disabled friend when I was in Primary school. I watched how she struggled to complete everyday tasks and the immense energy it took her to try & live a full life. The memory of her became a driving force for me when I found out about the Safariseat design.

That was in 2017, when I was working for another company. The network I had for this company, brought me to the UK based designers of the Safariseat wheelchair. They graciously agreed to show me their design and explained to me what the wheelchair would be able to do.

I grew up in Vipingo, then lived for 1 year in Mtwapa before going to high school in Nairobi. I went to the Technical University of Mombasa and graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce degree in Finance. My current residence is in Kilifi, where also the workshop is located. I have 7 siblings; 5 brothers & 2 sisters(1 is deceased).