Impact Collective is a remote collaboration platform for local change makers and business professionals to do good together. 


An inclusive world where people respect and support each other.

Impact Collective  

Is about locally initiated projects, Remote volunteering, Skilled-based collaboration, Connecting cultures, Engagement. Together we make a positive impact on each other’s lives and the whole world


To create a community of impact change makers by connecting  local social enterprises and NGOs with business professionals worldwide to collaborate in making positive difference in the world.

Projects you can join

Local change makers in developing countries are looking for expertise or a different perspective to bring their projects to the next level.
Business professionals like to use their skills more broadly and learn from different environments.

                                                           Empower families in Uganda to rise above poverty

FOLII – Foundation Livelihood Initiative
To empower infringed women and children


We would love to work with you. Feel free to contact to us and share projects and ideas.