‘Everybody has something to give.’

There are so many different faces and all of these beautiful faces have their own unique story. This great interest in people and cultures has made me an avid traveler. And on my travels I like to spend time with local people to experience their daily life and their habits. Over the years, my love for faces has grown and this has triggered my interest in photography. To me, it is important to have an eye for each other. Now time is here to give more meaning to my photography by sharing people’s stories.

‘There are so many beautiful and strong people out there who’s stories inspire to live our dream.’

My drive is that everybody has something to give. Together it is not only more fun, but sharing perspectives also brings more added value. It is in my nature to always find some interesting link or story that brings an idea further. And that’s also what I’d like to obtain with my photo’s and this website; connecting different worlds by sharing images with a story. How I work is to make something out of nothing, with only the circumstances available. Just with my camera and the environment. Not much more is needed. My honest interest in people and patience for connection makes it easy to get into contact

I’d love to get inspired by your ideas and I am interested in documenting on humanity projects. So, please feel invited to leave a comment and/or send me an email to get in touch. And you’ll never know where this connection will bring us.

❤️ Joëlle