Everybody has something to give

Business professionals and social entrepreneurs meet each other at the interface of impactful contribution. The match between the two is what Impact Collective realises. Local change makers and ‘on-the-ground projects’ are already out there. To bring the project to the (next) level of impact, additional or new experience is needed. Skills and knowledge are also available all over the world. What we do is to find and to connect the both.We find each other in complementary needs, skills and qualities. 

Both local change maker and business professional can Contact us to find out more on how it works and to get the right match

More about the projects

✔️ The projects are active in developing countries and contribute directly to the local community;

✔️ Social entrepreneurs and non profits are the initiators of the projects and first point of contact; 

✔️ The project contribute with positive impact to the community/society (UN sustainable Development Goals);

✔️ Remote collaboration means contact via internet. Therefore, both local change makers and business professionals have access to internet;

✔️ Intercultural contact, exchange of ideas and sharing skills are benefits for both the local change maker and business professionals


The projects you can contribute to


The Safariseat is a low-cost, all terrain wheelchair. We believe that mobility is not just about movement, it is about independency and  living life fully and inclusive, whilst being active socially, economically and politically in all areas of society. The Safariseat is designed for all the physically disabled people around the globe and especially for those living in rural sides. The workshop is located in Kilifi, Kenya

Our questions

After 3 years of research, development, prototyping, testing, certification, building the factory and manufacture, we are ready for more exposure. Are you the one who can help us with:

  1. Developing an attractive and easy reachable website;
  2. Advising about starting a crowdfunding campaign;
  3. Getting connected with organisations in the field of physical disability all across the world.



Since the start in 2013 improvements are part of our daily business. With our critical eye we have come this far that the impact on lives is proven. And still there is room for optimisation. The 22Stars team is growing as well as the expectations. We are ready to share our dreams to highlight them from a different perspective with you and serve better and more Ugandan people.

Our questions

Two of the cases we can use your skills with:

  1. Advising / brainstorm session about how we could run 22STARS even better with what we have at hand. With your experience on organisation optimisation we can bring even more efficiency into our processes. 
  2. Helping us finding an accounting solution and project management solution that fits our needs.


The Learning Adventure is a fun and safe playground to bring children together, where they can discover (themselves and others), they can exercise (brain and body), create and manifest (their values and personal identity) and most of all to enjoy (life). The Kenyan school curriculums are uninspiring, non-creative, just-out-of-the-books learning. After school activities are uncommon for the local population. Kenyan kids can use more (playful) contact with other children. The Learning Adventure is for children between the age of 4-11, one day per month to start with.

Our questions

The friends&family edition turned out as a very successful pilot. We are ready to schedule and prepare the next half year. Since this is the first time for us and seen our dream to make it the Learning Adventure a standard we can use your help on the following:

  1. Prepare day programs: theme, activities, learnings. 
  2. Bring the Learning Adventure to a professional level